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“I hope, one day I’ll look back and think yes, I made my life a living art.”

My journey online started under a pseudonym, originally I was known as ‘Frassy’ and under this name, I compiled a visual daily, journal documenting my daily outfits, an endeavour I casually began to combat boredom back in 2009 while studying at a too-traditional University in England. After graduating, I opted to pursue blogging as a profession and move to Paris. At 21, I launched the website full time and moved into a crumbling apartment on the left bank.

Those first four years in Paris were both magical and incredibly formative to what I’ve achieved professionally so far.  The website evolved to showcase my entire life – wearing the clothes I love alongside personal stories, delivering deeper insight into my life, the things I love, the problems I face and the brands, projects, places, and ideas that inspire me.

This website has seen me develop a voice as a writer but has also solidified my work as a photographer. Three years ago, I abandoned Paris full time and set up a life further south in Barcelona, Spain. I now work between the two cities as a photographer and influencer. Late 2018, I decided to shed ‘Frassy’ and brand myself under my own name, ‘Audrey Leighton’ – under which I also launched a vintage ecommerce that now has me sourcing vintage treasures from all over the world and curating them into monthly collections.

I ‘ve had an online presence for over a decade now, month after month,  I’ve found solace in sharing my life online, it’s become part of who I am in many ways – and while I have no idea what’s next or where or when, what I do know for certain, is that I will always, faithfully return here to share the journey; my aim to live life artfully will always pour here.



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