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Paris is one of my favourite cities in the whole world. After living here for 3 years, there are so many places I adore . I am asked so frequently for my recommendations that I decided to compile them all in one concise Frassy guide. So take a look at my golden spots in the city of lights, why I love them and where you can find them! You can click on the name of each place to find it’s exact location via google maps!

What beats shopping in Paris? Absolutely nothing! There are so many great places to shop in the city, retail temptation on every corner. I’d recommend doing your shopping on weekdays – far less crowded, far less stressful and far more enjoyable. Be sure to stop for a coffee or crepe along the way – stamina is key for Paris shopping.  Here are the spots I always return to and where I always end up spending far too much money!

1. Colette: Not world famous for nothing, when entering expect to go into a coma (probably induced by the heavenly trademark colette scent the store is infused with) and leave with the realization that you’ve spent half of your month’s rent on candles, books and magazines. Their incredible window displays as well as their stock changes every two weeks, meaning every visit unearths brand new obsessions for me. Colette is located on Rue Saint Honore, one of the fanciest streets in Paris, lined with every luxury brand store you’d ever want. Be sure to try their restaurant too, called the Water Bar – great place to ‘beautiful people’ watch – they also have over 40 different types of bottled of water, which is just hilarious to me.

2. Freepstar: The best place to shop in Paris when you are broke. I’ve been known to hardcore rummage through their one euro bins for the craziest, vintage, almost unwearable garments. I usually end up throwing out half of the stuff I buy here, so don’t be distracted by the cheap prices, be a selective shopper! Saying that, every so often you do come across a real gem. Freepstar has 3 shops in the Marais now but the one I’ve linked to is by far my favourite!

3. Fleux: This awesome home decor store has me almost convinced that instead of shoes, I should be saving for statement pieces for my apartment. And that’s not an easy sell, which really is a tribute to how amazing this place is. Be sure to walk along the street to see all their different shops, which are spread out across from each other.

4. The Kilo Shop: You can buy vintage clothes by the kilo here, and if you aren’t a hoarder like me, garments are individually priced too! Their huge amount of stock is a little overwhelming at first, but everything is organized into  print/colour categories, making browsing a lot easier. Be sure to also hit up their jewellery stands, brimming with old and bizarre pieces of bling.

5. Les 3 Marches: Catherine B’s vintage designer shops (stocking mostly Hermes & Chanel) will always remind me of the first time I came to Paris when I was 16. I cannot emphasize enough how beautifully curated her shops are, total treasure chests of beautiful pieces from decades past -literally overflowing with the most impressive collection of vintage Chanel I have ever seen! I’ll be buying my next Chanel from Catherine B for sure.

6. Merci: This concept store is my version of Holly Golightly’s ‘Tiffany’s’ – everything in this store dissolves any bouts of the mean reds I might be having. Its such a cosy place to aimlessly wander and poke around their vast variety of stock, complete with arm chairs to lounge in as well as the most delicious restaurant. Be sure to try their salad platters and fresh juices, a favourite weekend meal  for my friends and I.

7. Manoush: Oh, Manoush is just so beautiful, so pretty, I could write a poem about it! But I won’t, but what I will do is urge you all to make a beeline for this brand when you are in the city. Honestly, there is never a single garment I wouldn’t absolutely love to wear. a brand that combines Moroccan influences with French heritage. Super bright colours, lots of intricate beading, great voluminous silhouettes – these clothes are absolute eye-candy – I’ll stop in and end up staying for too long. There is just too much to look at and admire!

8. Chantal Thomass: Undeniably, the Queen of French Lingerie. The store is just heavenly, incredibly feminine and elegant, exactly how lingerie should be! Her bras/underwear are always very sophisticated, usually embellished with irresistible trimmings such as bows, lace and frills. Drag your boyfriend here and get him to buy you something pretty!

9. Pigalle: ASAP Rocky wears Pigalle. Rihanna wears Pigalle. Its a little too ‘hipster’ sometimes, but I’ve been a loyal lover since their  beginnings. The brand became a ‘hell yeah, represent’ sort of thing for me when I was actually living in the Pigalle district. Their dark and sultry store is filled with their iconic slogan tees as well as a pretty great collection of sneakers, hats and hoodies.

nightlifeI’m rather fickle when it comes to bars here in Paris, and seemingly so is everyone else in this city. The nocturnal hotspots change so quickly, I can barely keep up. However, there are a few old faithfuls I always return to time and time again. If there is any advice I can give you for a night out in Paris, it would be the following: Firstly, don’t overdress. Parisians keep it pretty simple at night time, go for something sophisticated but avoid baring too much skin. Secondly, don’t rely on being able to hail a cab after midnight- Friday and Saturday nights are obviously peak times and there is a painful lack of taxis in the city, so you could be searching/waiting for hours. Instead before you head out, download Uber or Chauffeur Prive on your phone to make sure you get home as soon as you’d like rather than wandering the streets!

1. Red House: The American boys that work at Red House are incredibly fun, like hysterically fun. Its pretty low-key but the music is good, the drinks are reasonable and I always meet a few interesting strangers. Be sure to try their seasonal cocktail specials, as well as their famous nachos. I love this bar and so do all my friends. We always have fun here, every time.

2. Connetable: A good friend of mine introduced me to this gem, its the sort of place you go for just one and end up staying all night. Order a carafe of wine and get comfy upstairs – it has a living room vibe, you almost feel like you’re at someones house. Social norms don’t really exist here, everyone talks to everyone, and before you know it, its 2 am and you are best friends with absolutely everyone in the joint.

3. La Perle: Shabby chic and effortlessly chic is how I would describe this ever popular spot. I guess this is somewhat of a fashion hangout, one that has become almost an institution in the Marais. Cheap prices and they also serve up some pretty good french fries, an important staple to any night out, right? I like to start my nights here, they close at 2 and its always crowded, so the earlier you get here, the better.

4. Wanderlust: I love this place, seriously, it is the bomb diggity, but only in the summer. Don’t bother going if its not warm or raining. Its a huge open air terrace, complete with djs and even a restaurant. Go before sunset with some friends and just chill out – they serve awesome icy pitchers to share, which are delicious! Also, Wanderlust is a magnet for cute boys, holla!

5. Stollys: An expat bar of sorts, a little bit grungy but completely charming. I always run into someone I know here. My favourite time for Stollys is on a Sunday evening or some monotonous mid-week night, get involved in the happy hour menu with a couple friends and its the perfect stress-release! They have an incredible ginger beer too, and its alcohol free, but believe me when I say, it tastes delicious!

6. Glass/Dirty Dick/Le Mansart : A bar that specializes in hot dogs is always good in my books. Located in Pigalle, its the ideal place to start your night, esp because the 9th/18th arrondiseements are where the party’s at these days! So many nightclubs, recently opened bars and late night restaurants for you to choose from in this area. Go for an hour, then jump across the street to Dirty Dick for a quick rum fix and then skip on over to Le Mansart. for something a little less refined but just as fun. Highly recommend giving these 3 bars a try at once, they are all within 3 minutes walking of each other and they are all charming/rambunctious in their own way.

7. Titty Twister: This isn’t a strip-club, which is precisely what I first thought it was when someone invited me to a party here! I don’t frequent nightclubs very often, but when I do, this is one of my favourites. I adore the decor and all the quirky neon signs that flash mantras like ‘don’t make sense, make dollars’. Its simply just a really fun place to be. The atmosphere totally compensates for the slightly expensive drink prices. AND the music is perfect – no weird French techno here, just simple tunes that make you wanna dance.

8. Le Baron: Smaller than the one in New York, its maximum capacity is only 150 people!  I would advise getting on the guestlist before going, otherwise you might be outside for a long time! And if your anything like me, I refuse to wait in a queue for a club, I’d rather stay at home. Its a very intimate nightclub, which is exactly what I enjoy about Le Baron. I’d also advice to go late, 1 am or after. Plus be  also  be sure to check out the photography that lines the walls!

9. Chez Jeanette: Charming, very typically Parisian in a crumbling, trendy way. My friends and I love this place, its always good fun and the drinks are really affordable. Stay away from cocktails, I tend to gulp down the basics, like wine and beer. There is always a pretty good plat du jour at lunch, but I prefer their plates of cheese and meats that they serve up at night. Oh and at 8pm, the fluro lights go off and the bar is candle-lit. Great place to go for a quiet drink with your boyfriend, although, I’ve also had some pretty rowdy evenings here.

10. Maxims: The decor at Maxim’s is worth a visit in itself. It reminds me of the 1st class rooms on the Titanic, very ornate, lots of gold and tapestry – just stunning. However, Maxim’s can be very hit or miss. I’ve had some of the best nights of my life here and other times, I’ve stayed for 20 minutes and left for more tempting things; my pyjamas and a bowl of cereal at home. So its either, really great or not great at all. Best to go for one of their organized events/parties – those tend to be the best Maxim’s nights. And dancing in rooms full of chandeliers? Why not, right?!

It is unbelievably easy to over spend on eating out in Paris, obviously being the French capital there are thousands of incredible restaurants. And while I’ve made it my business to try them all, these are the ones I’ve absolutely adored so far. Most of these have had repeat visits – which is one of the problems with falling in love with a few places, I stick to my favourites and don’t try out new spots as often as I should. For those of you who speak French, I highly recommend checking out Le Fooding, the ultimate online Paris restaurant guide.

1. Hotel Costes: Eating here is always a special occasion. Someone great is in town for a few days, or I just landed an awesome freelance job or its a  best friend’s birthday – its a place you eat to celebrate.  The terrace is both cosy in the winter and refreshing in the summer – don’t get me started on the decor; sheer luxe girls! This hotel isn’t world-famous for nothing. Start your evening with a glass of wine in the bar, its very sexy and dark with a great ambiance and beautiful men. Utterly and completely fabulous!

2. Rose Bakery: Every Sunday when I wake up, my first thought is always ‘Rose Bakery, I want to go, like right now’. Delicious, organic and great for breakfast. Their Eggs Benedict is the best I have ever had. The decor is simple, hearty and cosy, just like their food. I also love their fresh juices and I’ll usually grab some of their carrot cake to go after paying the bill. There are two of these in the city, I usually go the one in the 9th, but try this one too in the Marais.

3. Le Depanneur: When the people behind my favourite Paris food truck, Cantine California opened a burger/taco joint, I knew it would my new fave eatery. The interior is so light and lofty – it reminds of a bohemian verison of a classic American diner. Be sure to try the Obama burger, the brioche bun and guacamole are total yum.

4. Fish la Boissonnerie: By far, my favourite seafood in the city. It seems to be a neighbourhood secret , I happened to discover it when I lived in the area a few years ago. The ingredients are very fresh, everything tastes healthy! Be sure to arrive hungry, the portions are hearty. I always leave stuffed. Had a risotto dish last time I was there and still dream about it. The vibe is very ‘rustic farmhouse’ and  the cuisine is a perfect mix of British/French fusion. My Dad loves this place, we will always makes a stop here when he comes to visit me.

5. Le Relais de l’Entrecôte: This set-menu steak house is really famous and if you go, you will instantly understand why. Food is simple and mouth-watering good. They dish out green salads followed by traditional steak and frites. But the best part is the sauce, its a secret recipe – creamy, buttery and just totally delicious. Do not come here if you are a vegetarian, as I said its a set-menu – its meat or nothing! Cannot recommend this place enough. There are a few dotted around the city but my favourite is the one in Saint Germain – try to get a seat outside.

6. Blend: I actually had to stop going here because I was going too often. Its a burger joint and  they have so many great options but I tend to stick to the classic basic cheese. Its a good place to go when you are starving, as service is super quick and by the way, their sweet potato fries and homemade mayo are just about everything I need from life. When friends come to visit, I will always take them here for a post-party dosis of meat and grease. Even my vegetarian friends love it, according to them the veggie options at Blend are just as amazeballs.

7. Hotel Amour: I could spend my life at this hotel bar and restaurant. With a huge candle lit terrace, complete with cosy corners hidden by trees and pretty plants – plus super delicious lobster rolls and Caesar salads. I like to save this place for a Friday night, get dressed up, meet a few friends for dinner and drinks, then see where the night takes you.

8. Berko/Sugardaze: These are my two favourite cupcake establishments in Paris. Both equally delicious with super charming staff and even better decor. Oviously, Red Velvet is bomb but be sure to try some of their more quirky flavours too.

9. Cafe Pinson: I’m a huge meat eater and usually am a little hesitant to go to vegetarian joints, but I absolutely adore this one! Freshness, simplicity and just all-over health goodness here. Try their poppyseed cake, its amazing!

10. L’as de Fallafel: I almost always stop here when I’m vintage shopping in the Marais. Its the best fallafel in Paris, seriously, I promise – even Lenny Kravitz is a fan. Photos of him and the staff line the walls. Its a quick eat but super super delicious, and always worth the wait. Eat in or take with you as you wander the cobbled streets.

11. Derriere: This restaurant is like a culinary Narnia, so much to look at and so much to soak up! There isn’t much to indicate it even exists, but its been a super trendy spot for a long time now and there is almost always a line. The Michelin star chef is really only half of the reason to come here, the decor is just insane, with secret doors and crooked shelves brimming with books. Super spectacular!

12. Pierre Herme: All I can say is, best macarons in Paris. Best selection of flavours, best quality and immaculate presentation. Just, please, make sure you go!

Paris revolves around cafes – they are the place to go at anytime of the day, and you are welcome to stay all day. I do the majority of my socializing at cafes and as a freelancer, most of my business meetings are held at coffee spots scattered all over the city. And as a caffeine lover, I’ve made it my priority to find my favourites which I now frequent far too often!

1. KB Cafe: Ok, I’m gonna go out and say it: best coffee in the entire city. Australian owned, it has a very New York vibe. I like to come here and work for a few hours. They have super spacious tables with huge windows, perfect for people watching. Order my favourite, their flat white followed by their apple and carroy juice. Its so smooth and just delicious. If you’re hungry, grab one of their veggie sandwiches or wholewehat scones.

2. Cafe Flore: So its a little bit cliched. But I’m of the opinion that every visit to Paris must include a stop at Cafe Flore. It is world famous and a historical institution on the left bank. Plus, the most perfect place to people watch and a great pit-stop between sight seeing. Order a cafe creme and an omelette (if you’re hungry) to just simply sit and enjoy. Its a very beautiful cafe on a beautiful street – relaxing here on a sunny day is as close to perfect as life gets!

3. Le Progres: Situated in the heart of the North Marais, I like to come here with my friends for beers or coffees on the weekend. Very typically Parisian and always attracts a cool crowd. I’d stay away from the food, come here for the atmosphere instead. Its located on one of my favourite streets in Paris, rue Bretagne, a bustling area with cool boutiques, tempting bakeries and old school butchers/fruit&veg stands. I’d also recommend checking out Marché des Enfants Rouges, which is around the corner. Its an permanent streetmarket of sorts, selling all sorts of delicious foods from all over the world. A really fun experience, especially after a overdose of caffeine at Le Progres!

4. Chez Prune: I love Canal Saint Martin. Its such a different part of Paris, in that it really doesn’t feel very Parisian. Graffiti covered walls in sight, swarms of people lounging by the river and an overwhelming abundance of cute boys. My favourite spot on the canal is definetely Chez Prune, good place to come and relax with friends on a warm day. There isn’t anything super exceptional about this place, its just comfortable, cosy and affordable.

5. Georges: Ok, so not really a cafe but a place I love to come. The food isn’t so great but its at the top of the Pompidou Centre, so the views of Paris are exceptional, probably one of the best in the city!  Def. worth a visit for this reason alone. I’d suggest going for an evening drink to watch the sunset over the incredible city skyline.

Living in Paris as a blogger, I am always on the lookout for the most beautiful spots in the city, especially for photo opportunities! And as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, there are a plethora of magical locations in the city. Here are some of my favourites, and you will probably recognize quite a few of these from my Frassy posts.

1. Pont des Arts: A pedestrian bridge lined in padlocks, couples buy a lock and throw the key in the seine. Its a charming little spot, I love to come here in the summer with friends, bring a bottle of wine and watch the sunset. After dark, the bridge often becomes a party, with groups of people chilling out, guitar players and very impressive picnics!

2. Pont Alexandre III: One of my favourite bridges to come for my Frassy photoshoots. It’s gold embellished, very grand and with beautiful views too. Be sure to head across the bridge too and walk along rolling green grass leading up to Les Invalides. Another perfect picnic spot.

3. Bir Hakeim Bridge: It was featured in  Inception (the Leo DiCaprio movie) and undeniably the best views of the Eiffel. This bridge reminds me of something from a fairytale – its especially spectacular at night, when the old-fashioned lights cast a golden glow over the entire bridge.

5.  Parc des Buttes-Chaumont: The most enchanting park of Paris. It is like something out of a movie, with weeping willow trees, lake and rolling hills. The most famous feature of the park is the Temple de la Sibylle, a miniature version of the famous ancient Roman Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, Italy. I love to come here in the summer for all day picnics and lazy sun lounging. Be sure to also stop by Rosa Bonheur, a restaurant-bar that turns into a nightclub at around 7pm. It really is a a unique but incredibly fun place, especially on a warm Sunday in the summer.

 6. Place des Vosges: A very regal square that is nestled away in the Marais. The red brick architecture reminds of London. I often come here after running errands to just sit and quietly read, either on the grass or at one of the cute cafes that line the square.

7. Père Lachaise: I don’t tend to frequent graveyards very often but I love coming to this one. There is a tranquility here that I can’t quite explain, its best to come early on a Sunday morning to really enjoy the peace.  It is huge, lines and lines of graves twist and turn around beautiful ancient trees for what seems like forever and ever. Be prepared to get lost, but in an enjoyable way. There is something fun about stumbling and wandering around the quieter pockets of this graveyard.  Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are famously buried here, so make sure you go say hi to those two beautifully iconic men as well!



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