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My Jil Sander Lookalike

Friday, April 22, 2011
Wearing: Zara Green Tank, ASOS Hat, Vintage Skirt & YSL Arty Ring.
I was rummaging around in a vintage shop here in Paris when I saw this bright pink popping out of the heap of otherwise dull-coloured garments. You can imagine my excitement when as I kept pulling this beautiful fabric,I realised it was a  flared maxi skirt, so deliciously similar to the Jil Sander skirts I’ve been lusting after for pretty much forever! It was one of my best finds, I feel like some sort of mermaid in it- all I want to do is run and twirl around, but that’s not quite possible due to the sheer length of the skirt- making it far too easy for a klutz like me to trip over and fall! (Photography by LouLou Jordan )


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