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Rain Red Sequins

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
What I’m Wearing:  Vintage Sequin Bandeau Top, Vintage Red Houndstooth Print
 Midi Skirt, ASOS Collar, H&M; Hat, ASOS Loafers & Prada Sunglasses
The most glorious thunderstorm rolled through Paris, late afternoon- and after the rain roar came what Haleigh likes to call “the golden hour”- that beautiful time just before sunset when the entire city is bathed in  glittering warm light. Cities are so pretty after a rainstorm- and so I took a work break, twirling through the still damp streets and even met an adorable japanese man who insisted on taking a photo of my outfit with his phone. It was hilarious! I’m rather enjoying the rain in Paris recently, probably because I have so much work to do in front of the computer- and it makes me feel less uneasy about missing out on all the city city commotion going on right outside my windows. Tomorrow, I’m giving a talk at the University of London in Paris about blogging as a career- I’ve never done any public speaking before, but I am sure as hell not shy, so I think I’ll be okay!  Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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