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Tuesday, December 6, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Boohoo Gold Jacket, DIY Star Collar Vintage Tee, H&M; Frill Skater
Skirt + Gold Rimmed Sunglasses, Chanel Mini Gold Bag, ASOS Gold Glitter Brogues. 
If I ever was asked to drive a race car competitively (and it will happen one day, it will!) ,this outfit would def. be what I would wear. Do you guys ever play this game? Or is it just another one of my weird mental fashion escapes? Sometimes, when I come across some of the more outrageous pieces in my wardrobe, I feel guilty for not wearing them but then justify keeping them by coming up with (totally outlandish) situations where they would be the perfect apparel. For instance, the gold foil jumpsuit I’ve never worn would be ideal for an outer space themed party. Or, my bright orange rhinestone encrusted Sari that I’m saving for the Indian wedding I have high hopes of one day attending. So you see, throwing crazy clothes like these out would just be irresponsible- one must be prepared for any and every fashion scenario. And so, I keep all this stuff and on a weekly basis curse my habit of literally collecting, storing and subsequently, drowning in clothes. Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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