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Slumming It

Monday, December 12, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Vintage Hat & Oversized Leopard Print Blouse, Yayer Polka Dot Bustier, 
H&M; Leather Leggings + Leather Jacket, JC Litas & Marc Jacobs Grey Tote Bag.
Just a quick one today- was slumming it up, working hard all day- wearing this. My JC Litas are hands down, my most comfortable pair of heels- which I guess is pretty evident considering how totally covered they are in scuffs. But I sort of like how they look “aged” – they are probably full of wisdom by now too- I wear them most nights I go out, so they have been first hand witnesses to the crazy chaos that usually goes down on my weekends. Ok, here I am discussing my shoes as if they are my friends/people- time to shut down the computer and get into bed, I am exhausted! Photo: Anastasia Nielsen


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