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StyleStalker Love

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Zara White Mohair Jacket, Stylestalker September Shirt, ASOS 
Navy Jeans, Zara Grey Suede Heels, Vintage YSL Sunglasses & Balenciaga Bag
Going home to Paris soon, mentally packing (so much easier than actual packing) but also visualizing my New Year’s Eve outfit. I might wear flats to maximize the number of midnight laps I can run around the city. I want fireworks, sequins, bubbles, stars and confetti- all the best ingredients for the beginning of the best year yet. Cannot believe 2011 is almost behind us, time is blurring past me- but I am ready to embrace all the new to come. Speaking of new, I’ve always been a fan of Stylestalker but appreciation for the brand turned into love when I received this beautiful blouse. The craftsmanship is pretty amazing- and I’m really into the back cut-out, its the perfect excuse for not wearing a bra (as you all know, most days I really hate wearing a bra). Anyway, I gotta go start packing for real, more tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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