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Black&White Melange

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
What I’m Wearing: ASOS Sunglasses, Zara White Mohair Jacket, ASOS Polka Dot Sequin Top, ASOS Star Skirt, H&M; Tights, ASOS Star Clutch, ASOS Loafers & ASOS Silver Collar
I don’t think I’ve ever worn an outfit that includes as many of my most loved “fashion elements” as this ensemble. So we’ve got sequins (love), polka dots (obsessed), stars (my print of the moment), mohair (adore) plus my new favourite oversized sunglasses from ASOS. Speaking of ASOS, I was chosen to participate in their “ASOS Future Stylist” Contest- the first round is coming up, I’m excited! I’ve been super busy today, keep trying to find an hour or two during the day to squeeze in some shopping, but my work has kept me at home. Okay, enough rambling, I’m dashing to the supermarket for some green tea and grapes right now, more tomorrow! photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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