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Small Details

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
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I am one of those people that is attentive to, but also enjoys the small details in life. And recently, with the weather cold & the city a little quiet, I’ve been finding enormous solace in the paradise that is my quirky, old apartment and all the treasures that it holds within. I believe one’s living space should reflect one’s self, and I must say that every single corner of the space I inhabit is bursting with the very essence of “me”. And on another note, its winter, everyone gets a little down at this time of year, so treat yourself to the small pleasures of life (skip your morning Starbucks) and instead, buy yourself some flowers, a new tea mug, a book or a crazy shade of nail varnish. Its so easy to overlook these very small things, but they often turn a bad day good. More tomorrow! 


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