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Tartan Crop

Friday, January 13, 2012
What I’m Wearing: ASOS Sunglasses, Vintage Tartan Shirt, American Apparel Skirt, 
Urban Outfitters Studded Bucket Bag & ASOS Shoes
Paris is a wonderful place, but sometimes, my experiences here seem a little transient. In that, its a city where people move to for a brief escape and then travel back to their real lives. But for those of us that have set up our “real lives” here permanently, we often encounter sadness when people, who we have befriended, have to leave. I guess, in some ways, Paris is like a dream world, everyone seeks a memory or an experience from this city, and once they’ve accomplished this, they can go home. And while, yes I do often feel upset and frustrated about friends’ departures, I guess I should also consider myself incredibly lucky- in that, they leave with a slice of Paris, but I get to enjoy the whole cake everyday, and my goodness, it is delicious. And so that, my friends is my reflective moment for the week- they don’t surface very often on here but there we have it. And on a more fun note, chopping blouses into crop tops is so simple but can turn a shirt you didn’t like much into one you love. AND the weekend is here, I am staying cosy indoors tonight with all my fairy lights, mugs of tea and good company. More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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