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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

As a fashion blogger, I have a ridiculously large archive of photos of myself – my computer folders are practically groaning in pain from all the egotism. But on the upside, each one of my photographed outfits provide minute memories and snapshots of my life on that precise day. And what is especially strange is how random the memories are – looking back on outfits, I’ll remember what I did that night, or who was in town that week, or what I had for lunch that day or  just some silly thing Anastasia and I were laughing about. And so as an ode to the year just past, I thought I’d put together a round-up of some of my most favourite Frassy 2012 outfits. And finally, Happy 2013!

Not quite sure how I would describe 2012. Except I have learnt a hell of a lot – I made mistakes, didn’t learn from then, made them again but came out determined to not repeat these same errors a third time. And as for Paris, well she’s been my soul sister and my worst enemy but above all, its a great love affair and not one I am willing to give up just yet. There was a lot of fashion (as always), an apartment that gradually grew into an oversized wardrobe, career struggles and a hundred and one nights I’ll never forget. And shoes and clothes aside, I’ve made some totally crazy friends I’m pretty certain I’ll keep for life and most of all, I’ve had fun, more fun than ever before.


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