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Blue & Yellow

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


What I’m Wearing: Choies Blue Structured Sweatshirt, ASOS Yellow Lantern Skirt & ASOS Neon Sandals

Went for something comfy (but colourful) today. I’ve had a lot of work to do this week- keeping busy! Which is good, when I am left alone with my thoughts for too long – I revert to some sort of adult version of teenage angst. Being a twenty-something small business owner/freelancer in this (gross, horrible) thing we call the recession isn’t always a smooth ride. Add in the fact that I live in a totally foreign country- I’m not going to lie, sometimes I wonder what the hell I am doing in Paris – it feels like I am purposely making life harder for myself here. And so, on a bad day, all these sorts of thoughts fill my head – and it can take me a while to pull myself out of this self-perpetrated hole. You know, some of my friends are getting married, have formal 9-5 jobs and I’m running around taking photos of myself?! When you think about it, really think about it, it feels kind of foolish! But then on a good day, (or when I am feeling more pragmatic), I realise I absolutely adore my life; I built this blog from nothing and the fact that I can call it a business makes me incredibly proud. And Paris might be hard sometimes, but its worth the difficulties because no city has made me happier. And the reason I’ve indulged in this rant? Because no matter how big your successes are, no matter how happy you are – everyone falls victim to that suffocating  emotion called doubt. Just don’t let it get you down girls – fight that doubt down and take pride in your successes and talents (rather than beating yourself up for what you are yet to achieve!)Oh and then read this incredible article from The Thought Catalog! More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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