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Friday, May 10, 2013

What I’m Wearing: Amanda Wakeley Drape Long Dress & ASOS Sonic Pointed Heels

Paris is such a beautiful city, I am so lucky to live here. We decided to shoot this gorgeous dress in a location that would do it justice – and what better place then the Eiffel Tower? Iconic of everything Parisian, but a monument that holds a wealth of personal symbolic value too. When I first moved here, during those first few months when friends and freelance work were few and far between, I’d take a walk over to Trocadero with my ipod and just simply sit and stare at the Eiffel. It was so therapeutic. Two years later, the Eiffel is still a visual reminder of why I live in Paris. And to think of all the countless memories I’ve made here all with the Eiffel somewhere in view. More tomorrow! Photos: Catherine O’Hara


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