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Skullcandy #3

Thursday, May 2, 2013
IMG_3475 (223.jpg_effected




For my final Skullcandy shoot, I wanted to do something a little more natural/relaxed. And so I started thinking, where do I listen to music most frequently? Not only do I live in my 45 metre square apartment, I also work here – which means I spend alot of time at home, and there is almost always music blasting. But due to some super boring  quiet neighbours, after 10 pm, I have to wear headphones so as to not irritate them (or worse yet, have them call the cops) And so I decided to shoot my Skullcandy Navigators in one of my favourite places in Paris – my BED – so comfortable I have recently replaced parties with this cosy corner of the city that is all mine. And these days, with the warmer weather – I leave my balcony windows open and just get lost in the simple pursuit of lounging here, be it reading, ipad online shopping or catching up with my parents on the phone. More tomorrow! 


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