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Thursday, August 1, 2013

I haven’t had time so far to photograph any outfits – I’ve productively divided my time into sourcing fabrics for my collection, reading by the pool and hanging out with my family and puppy. Summers in Spain always come as a comfort to me – especially since this year has been an emotional roller coaster of change. Its nice to come back to where I grew up, a place where my brothers and friends come from all over the world to gather bi-annually.  A reunion of sorts I guess, a place and season where we can reminiscence on the old days but also, catch up on the love, craziness and careers that now fill our lives. BTW check out that vintage Pepsi can – I’m one of those irritating girls that refuses to drink anything but diet or zero – but it looked so retro, I had to buy it. Oh and I am instagramming like mad crazy, for more frequent updates follow me @frassyaudrey – More tomorrow!


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