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Saturday, November 9, 2013





As you probably know, I grew up by the beach. For me, its a place of purity, serenity – a shoreline will always calm me down, bring me back to those innocent days as a child or a teenage when the beach was everything. A place to play, a social scene, the place you first kissed a boy – the sea will lap anything up – the waves welcome just about anything, sadness, happiness, anxiety – it will always be a  therapeutic location for me. And in Paris, with all of us piled on top of one another, boxed up in tiny apartments trying to find our way in the grind that comes with living in  one of the world’s most expensive cities, I physically yearn for the beach. The peace that comes with such wide open spaces is unbeatable. I can’t help but dream of the day, when I’ve made my money and can take a walk on the beach everyday in nothing but a sweater with a cute husband and a gaggle of children and dogs.   Until then, I feel lucky to have this little corner of Spain to escape to every now and again – when life throws a curveball or when I simply just feel like it, I can jump on a plane and in 2 hours, I am here. Back to my roots, back to where it all started and where it all always gets better.

I bought this sweater today in the men’s section of a vintage shop – I adore how oversized it is.


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