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Leopard Love

Friday, January 31, 2014

What I’m Wearing: Missguided Furry Cropped Sweater, Missguided Leopard Skater Skirt, Boohoo Heels & Topshop Sunglasses


Sometimes I wish I could sit down with each and every one of you wonderful readers, casually drink coffee and talk about everything and absolutely nothing all at once. I would probably share things with you that don’t get mentioned here, and we’d laugh and you’d see how goofy I really am. I’d ask you a lot of questions, because I always do and then we would probably decide to switch from coffee to cake, which we would eat while discovering some whacko vintage shop. We’d buy some ugly sequin crop tops or a weird wicker bag for 3 euros and promise to wear them, but never would.  Now, wouldn’t that be fun? When girls recognize me from my blog in Paris, I am still a little taken aback.  I’m flattered and so deeply honoured, but I feel this pressure to act how they might expect me to act. And then I realize, they don’t really expect me to behave in any which way, they just like my blog and are simply saying, ‘hey’. In fact, being my true self is something I always strive for here online, and you are all so faithfully responsive and supportive – honestly, it feels like I’m sharing my life with a group of good friends here on Frassy. So here’s to the coffee I’d love to drink with you, and the cake we’d eat and the bizarre vintage clothing we’d buy together. I know I’d have a good old time with each and everyone of you! Photos: Catherine O’Hara



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