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La Perla Look 2

Thursday, May 22, 2014

la perla

What I’m Wearing: La Perla Lace Bra


I was both nervous & excited to shoot my second ‘underwear as outerwear’ La Perla look , excited because I love being given a challenge; wearing a bra as a outerwear can be a little difficult to pull off. Nervous because, it would mean going a little bare and getting my not- quite-bikini -ready stomach out for the whole of Paris to see. But, I’m not very shy when it comes to clothing nor am I shy when it comes to showing you girls how I wear them. You girls are my friends afterall and every one of my girlfriends has seen me in a bra at one point or another. So, no shame! This La Perla bra is just beautiful – made of deliciously delicate lace that is so soft and comfortable you can barely feel it on your skin. So, I felt pressured to do this beauty of a bra justice, but showcasing as much of it as I could, but in a classy way. La Perla after all, is probably the classiest of lingerie brands, so I wanted to pay tribute to that. After a few questionable attempts, I decided to go for an undone look – by pairing the bra with boyfriend jeans, a men’s blazer and a messy ponytail. I wanted every component of the outfit except the bra to be a little baggy and oversized. It was comfortable, casual and an incredibly easy ensemble to wear. Underwear as outwear is a styling concept I am only just getting a handle on but I can tell you one thing, its a look everyone can pull off (even me) and sometimes (especially in the case of La Perla) lingerie is simply too pretty to solely wear underneath! So get experimenting girls, and let me know how it works for you! Photos: Catherine O’Hara


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