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sweet summer

Monday, August 11, 2014


tally weijl.jpg_effected

What I’m Wearing: Tally Weijl Monaco Crop Top, Floral Shorts & Tropical Print Espadrilles

tally weijl1.jpg_effected

It’s August 11th already, only a few weeks left of sweet sweet summer. I’m spending mine in Spain, where I always come this time of the year, to soak up as much sun & saltwater I can in hopes that it will keep me satisfied through the winter. If I had the money, I would flit around the world chasing the sun, summers in Europe, winters anywhere south of the equator. Maybe one day, but until then, I am going to appreciate early mornings like this one – frantically driving down the coast to catch the first peek of dawn on a sandy quiet cove. This summer has been one of my longest yet – mostly because I totally sidestepped rainy Paris and dove straight into every warmer climate I could afford to explore, from the south of Spain to the south of France, up to Rome and all through Cinque Terre. I can no longer count my freckles or the  mosquito bites that cover  my limbs, my skin is darker than ever and I cannot for the life of me even imagine wearing a coat or a sweater. But I always feel the change before it comes, and so here’s to celebrating the rest of my best summer yet. More tomorrow!


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