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Saturday, May 16, 2015

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Esta noche estás guapísima. ¿Esta noche? Siempre.


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what im wearing: oasis lemon ditsy bandeau dress, oasis roxy
cream block heels
oasis duster jacket & oasis hardcase clutch


An ensemble fit for a garden party, should I be ladylike enough but I do prefer the beach or more specifically, a terrace overlooking the sea at sunset with iced cocktails mixed sloppily to drink iced in the company of collections of people I don’t know. I rarely venture out to soirees of these sorts anymore, at 26 – I don’t have much time nor the energy but with summer glowing in the sky, it feels right to join in every once and a while. To strap on a pair of cream heels to match your barely-there trench that together, highlight your tan lines and sunned cheeks. To throw on a bustier dress speckled with what I can only call a Monet floral with the sole aim of enjoying the slowly setting sun on a terrace bigger than your entire apartment. To pull your hair up and paint your lips nude to feel natural but still beautiful. And to sip a cocktail or two and laugh with people you may or may not ever see again. Because this is what we do in Spain, we congregate because we are easy-going and we like to talk too much – work is unspoken of, names are thrown around at introduction but slip away as dusk slides through to night. Men will address women as ‘guapa’ and women will address each other this way too – I like how this word is a noun too in Spanish. Meaning beautiful or pretty in English, it is used casually, repetitively and with no meaning other than an appropriate way to address the women we come across at a party, in life…or wherever. Wouldn’t it be lovely if this were the case in English? If men addressed women as ‘beautiful’ without it signifying sexual interest? And women, can’t we as women call all other women beautiful? Simply appreciating that women are beautiful and to meet them is in itself a pretty thing. How graceful, how lovely… and the entire evening on a terrace I will probably never see again, it was all exceptionally and utterly guapísima.


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