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Back To Where It All Began

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Instagram and it’s manic speed have been weighing heavily on my mind lately. As a content creator, I don’t feel at ease on the app like I once did.

Peer pressure had me, in a moment of 1 am insanity creating a tiktok for the brand, which I desperately hope I can hire someone to manage because there is no way I am posting three times daily as per the standard recommendation.  Because to be honest? I’m bored of social media. If this is what entertainment is, count me out and hand me a book. It used to be my necklines that made me feel old, these days it’s social media. I am officially that old lady, shaking her head & rolling her eyes at the youth of today. I do not want to see the inside of yet another private jet (why do they look all the same, I mean no two mansions have the same design, is there no interior creativity in the world of private aviation? If I ever meet a person rich enough, that will be the first question I ask) I don’t want to watch another ill-advised glute workout or see that same hotel on that same island in the Maldives that literally 0.2 % of us can afford. I don’t care about the 16 outfits an influencer bought from boohoo shown at x4 speed. Scrolling through instagram feels like being the only sober one at a party and I’m in the corner, wondering wait, what is so fun here?! Suddenly everyone is 3 lines of cocaine in and everything is x4 speed with the same song playing on repeat. That’s when I say, “oh hell no” and leave. This is why I stay rather insular on instagram, I come on to share, connect with all of you and then I sign off. I want to share beyond my brand and I do but I craved something slower, more thoughtful too. I’ve always loved writing. I am a very reflective women who has a lot to say and instagram isn’t enough space for all my thoughts (I hit maximum number of characters almost every time I post). That’s when I remembered this space of mine and so I decided to brush the dust off this journal and get into writing again. Do people still read websites? I do and I know many of you are like me ; lovers of words, of clumsy honesty, of finding connection &  solace from your fellow women online. So here goes nothing. I am coming back to where it all began.


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