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Wednesday, October 6, 2010
What I’m Wearing: Brashy Couture “JAIL” tee, Vintage Faux Fur Shag Coat, Ebay Metallic Leggings, Obscured Couture Sunglasses, Fashionology Rings & Topshop Clutch.

Ludwig Wittgenstein said “
The limits of my language are the limits of my mind” and I follow this statement as a mantra, which I guess is where my love for regular browsing of the thesaurus was born. But what is the fashion equivalent of this statement? While I don’t think the quantity of clothes one owns determines their fashion possibilities- I do believe the creative potential that lies within each garment is what determines the depth (or lack of) of one’s individual fashion aesthetic. It is the individual’s ability to recognize and manipulate this creativity that determines the richness of their own fashion choices. Am I making sense? Probably not, so I ‘ll do you guys a favour and just… stop.

I’m excited about the Frassy Rags Jewellery Collection – everything is yum- I want to wear it all, all at once. All the bling is under 10 pounds, plus free shipping. You likey? I like-like-likeyy.


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