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moving like mad

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

limber, lively & moving like mad in these meybas of mine

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makeup i’m wearing: bobbi brown intensive skin serum foundation in natural, bobbi brown bronzing powder in golden light, mac matte red lipstick in lady danger, bobbi brown lipliner in red, sleek makeup highlighting palette in precious metals

I fell out of love with sneakers for a while, did you notice? Suddenly, like with a lot of my loves, I grew bored and flung all my kicks aside to collect dust and there they sat sad; heartbroken as they watched my feet slip into loafers and pointed flats of many varieties instead. But then, I discovered Meyba and this sexy brand set the sneaker sentiment alight again. I met a man for coffee recently, he asked me, somewhat horrified why I was wearing sneakers. Perplexed, I simply said because I like them. I should add that he too was wearing a hybrid of sportswear shoe, not quite as chic as the sneaker but certainly as clunky as a hiking boot. Quite frankly, they were hideous but I would never inquire as to why of all the shoes in the world he decided to choose those for his feet. In fact when it comes to clothing, I tend to avoid asking questions. The mere fact that someone is wearing something is the answer, so why ask why? It is fairly obvious, we wear things we like. I will never question that. Sure, there are a lot of styles I find reprehensible, such as those weird heavy-looking creeper shoes or those denim shorts that are skimpier than most of my underwear or those pointless little jackets we call boleros, that look as if they were stolen straight off a little girl’s back. But I would never demand to know why someone chose to wear any of these things. If you want to wear tiny jackets or accessorize your shorts with butt cheek jiggle, than so be it. I’ll defend your right to wear whatever the hell you please. Personal style should be just that, personal – and when a form of expression comes from a personal place, I don’t feel it is right to judge or scrutinize it. But rather embrace we are all different with tastes of all kinds and that is what makes life and this fun thing called fashion, so flavoursome. And as for my flavour of the month, sneakers for sure. With jeans or suits or the right sort of skirt, it makes running around on all these dissapointing coffee dates with men all the easier. In fact I will go as far as saying that that man with the bulky not -quite- sneaker- almost- hiking- boot pair of shoes  is probably moving pretty slow when it comes to finding love. His opinions as well as his shoes must certainly be weighing him down. Who knows, but  as for me? I’m moving like mad in these Meybas of mine.


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