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the gift of self love

Friday, December 15, 2017

giving self love for christmas

I adore the movement and shapes a human body can make, it has been a point of fascination ever since I fell in love with watching ballet and ice skaters as a child. Physical self-expression has nothing to do with body shape or size and that is why I believe it to be so beautiful. Now more than ever, my fascination has intensified, should you follow me on instagram, you will have noticed a far more intimate style of portraits, featuring my body in all it’s shapes, shadows and sizes. And yet, most women remain unaware of what their body can do because they are too busy shying away from their own skin and bones, wishing instead for flawless skin or bigger boobs. People often praise me on my curves or the sultriness of my photos, and yet most of that comes from a hyper-awareness of my body and how it can move. This is why I adore lingerie. So often, the purpose of lingerie is mistaken, erroneously marked solely as a visual for men’s enjoyment. And yet to me, it is so much more than that. I have boxes and boxes of lacy underwear, all of which I love to wear and yet I sleep alone every night of the week. Lingerie adorns the areas we are most sensitive about. The underwear we wear is a small yet crucial celebration of self-love because it demands an appreciation we otherwise ignore. Self-love doesn’t come from the gym or a diet or the love of a man, it arrives when we stare long and hard at ourselves and teach ourselves to enjoy what we see. Our bodies as women change drastically through the course of life, some may say as we age, we don’t look as lovely as we once did. And yet at almost 30, I am happier and thus more beautiful than I ever was at 19, 21 or 25. Because now, I am a woman. The world shames us into believing we should always look like girls. But how sexy and curious it is to be a woman, with skin altered by the lives we live: lines, scars, freckles, uneven body parts but it is all of this that makes us who we are, markings of a life, well lived. There is nothing more enticing than a life well lived. There is nothing more beautiful than a soul full of life. And so, with that said, a Christmas couldn’t go by without suggesting lingerie as a gift, a gift of self-love. Not from a man but from you, as a woman to another woman. To me, woman to woman, lingerie is a powerful gift. It’s not about sexuality, but about the celebration we must foster for ourselves but also, for each other as women. And what better brand than the beautifully soft Diane Houston, delicate fabrics, wispy laces, wireless styles that are as cosy as they are soothing. I am such a admirer of this brand and their ethos, so without further ado, lingerie for self-love and self-love for Christmas gifting are what I advocate for today.

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