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new year, old ritual: coffee

Monday, January 2, 2017

hello, 2017

Well, here we are, finally in 2017. I have been waiting to dive into this new year with the same vigour a kid gleefully jumps down a slide. December was terrible, yes despite Christmas and all it’s cosiness, I was in a hole. But it’s a hole I have since leapt out of and here I am today, smiling and swaying back into the swing of things. I momentarily lost my voice, not vocally, no my big mouth has the endurance of a marathon but words they seem to have dissolved and drifted off into vague quips and mundane observations. I suppose I could call it writer’s block but I haven’t really tried to write anything for a good while, meaning it’s not so much of a block but an absolute halt. I will find my words again soon, it’s happened before. As for resolutions? You already know I have a list as long as a river, but I’d rather start off here more calmly, with coffee at a cafe rather than a rigorous runaround of all the overzealous things I hope to achieve.

what i’m wearing: pretty little thing cream camel waterfall coat, lavish alice white rib knit top, j brand cropped flared jeans via stylebop, public desire nude stretch fit boots, mini nude classic chanel bag & louis vuitton wallet

I can only speak for myself but the 2017 ‘new year, new you’ jargon is so intense, it practically feels like aggression. Can I please just deep breathe into this year rather than bully-promise myself  to do 6000 sit-ups at 6 am for the next 365 days? Sigh. I don’t want to change my life, I simply want it to better and I think that starts with less stress, less guilt and more ease. So for right now, I come here, happy, calm  and I haven’t said that truly in what feels like a long time. Sadness slows time down it seems and my goodness the end of last year dripped away at my soul. But not now, no I’ve healed myself happy. Time plasters all wounds. And I am so relieved to have a fresh set of time ahead of me, a whole new collection of days that will hold I hope more than I can even imagine. Isn’t that the real beauty of a new year? All that will happen that right now we can’t even fathom. It’s exhilirating.


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