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a sweater dress like a duvet

Thursday, January 5, 2017

what i’m wearing: lasula cream knitted maxi dress, lasula grey fedora, lasula grey faux fur ankle boots & prada bag

Oh, how is it possible to feel so tired after just a few days into this new year? I think my rigourous positivity is ironically tiring me out, which I suppose is the most enthusiastic sort of fatigue. I’m glad to have it. On another glad note, this outfit, a slouchy sweater dress like a duvet and furry boots quite like the mohair cushions I like to spontaneously nap atop. Yes, finally an ensemble that very closely resembles curling up in bed. It could very well be my best styling yet; artfully combining cosiness and comfort without the use of an elasticated waistband is a accomplishment I’m proud of. See? 2017 is already shaping up nicely.

It makes the task of finishing and self-publishing my book seem a little less impossible. In fact everything feels more possible in furry boots, even the round of tedious errands I face later today. Riveting tasks like ordering a new debit card (I want one of those cool contactless ones) and picking up packages at the post office await me. I think I will also stop for some vegan, gluten free carrot cake, which sounds as appealling as cardboard but suprisingly delicious. But enough, I am rambling like I always do, sharing the thoughts that meander through my head does not make for fascinating content here, I should take heed of that. So I will leave you with a lovely discount code, if you fancy a sweater dress like a duvet  or perhaps boots as soothing as pillows, you can use my 15% off discount with Lasula, AUDREY15.


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