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Wednesday, September 7, 2016
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featuring cluse la boheme mesh gold white watch
& la boheme rose gold white caramel watch
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Watches, an accessory abandoned until I transitioned from early to late twenties, when I was an 20s novice, I favoured stacks of cheap bangles instead, usually from the discount bin at H&M. Thankfully, I grew out of that but then again, ironically I began to favour a timepiece as time itself started to sprint. Like an Usain Bolt through my life,  I cannot believe I’m almost 28 ;  2 years until the big 3-0. Honestly, I have no desire to emerge from the comforting cocoon of my twenties, where mistakes are still excused and adult behavior is congratulated because it’s yet to become compulsory. I am increasingly aware of time. It goes so fast but only until I’m waiting for a delayed flight or on the treadmill or behind 10 people at the post office, sadly at it’s most unenjoyable, the minutes plod and lag lazy. Anything remotely fun feels like it slipped away too soon. Time is fickle and loyal to no one. I find that highly annoying. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t find myself restlessly shifting in bed wishing the hours hadn’t disappeared the way they always do. My TO DO list is never completed, but instead tumbles into tomorrow, optimistically placed on top of my keyboard every night, hoping that the 12 hours in my next working day operate in it’s favour. I honour time but I don’t respect it, he is insolent and unmannerly, and yes, time is the male opponent of the wonderful mother nature. And while I am certainly, and quite viciously, contemptuous of time, I am forced to honour his incessant ticking away, and what better way than with a piece of jewellery? Hence why I am sharing my essential two Cluse watches, a brand I’ve loved for years. My two favourites come from their ‘la boheme’ collection, an apt depiction of how I approach time; with a stubborn free spirit. You see, I suppose a watch gives me material ease against something intangibly omnipresent; and wearing one on my wrist urges me to seize all I can out of every minute that inches or sprints along. A watches reminds me that while impossible, I must still continuously try to tackle this thing called TIME. Perhaps that is in itself the essence of life, but I’ll curtail my half witted philosophical thoughts and leave you instead with these two very beautiful watches.


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