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My Vintage Designer Summer Trio

Thursday, June 21, 2018

A few weeks ago I travelled to Madrid to attend a Givenchy party, being in town, I was set on finally discovering the Designer Exchange boutique in the city ; one of my favourite sources for vintage designer. Earlier this year I acquired my Louis Vuitton Alma from the brand, the online shopping experience was sublime so I wanted to give a spin at secondhand designer shopping IRL.

So, after a lengthy lunch, my best friend and I wandered over to the shop, tucked up on in the middle of Serrano ; the fanciest neighbourhood of Madrid and definitely my favourite. I went full Italian, spent far too much money and came out with not one but 3 new vintage luxury bags ; Prada, Fendi and Gucci to see me through the summer. Now, you already know, I stay clear of trendy designer pieces, always preferring the classic or unusual styles and I think these three are very much ‘me’.

The staff were incredibly patient with my indecisiveness, and even more tolerant when a YSL ring got stuck on my chubby finger ; a pot of nivea was whipped out and my finger was released. What a relief… however,  weeks later I’m still dissapointed that beautiful ring didn’t fit. But I did acquire this trio of incredible bags, and I adore them!

I could not recommend Designer Exchange with more enthusiasm, they sell online but also have boutiques in London and if you’re in Spain, be sure to make a stop at their store in Madrid. I also urge you to skip the trendy handbags and find something more unique to you – this is why I adore vintage , there are infinite bags from years past that to me are infinitely cooler than the ones we see repetitively all over instagram. And so without further ado, let me introduce you fully to my Italian trio of bags, because really, it’s amoreeeee.

1. the tiny gucci

A little bit Carrie, a little bit Samantha, but ultimately very SATC era- everything about this teeny, tiny, monogrammed Gucci bags reminds of the early 90s. It won’t fit much more than my credit card, iphone and lip balm but that’s really all I need on a night out. I know this bag will get a lot of use when I head to Ibiza, ideal with a fancy party outfit and small enough to not interfere with any kind of wild night I might end up on.

2. the prada saddle

In my favourite colour camel and in the most beautiful dappled leather – but what I love most about this bag is it’s size – I toss this over my shoulder brimming with camera equipment, a book and even a big bottle of water – it’s slouchy, huge inside but still, easy to tote around. It also so perfectly matches my Prada wallet, which I also bought from Designer Exchange earlier this year.

3. the unusual fendi

I’ve never ever seen this Fendi bag, which is why I was instantly drawn to it. In fact, my best friend spotted it first and insisted I buy, ‘it’s SO YOU’ she exclaimed. It didn’t take much convincing, it’s such a chic, slick style ; ideal for any kind of meeting I might have or a day out in the city. Also, fits a LOT of camera esquipment, which is always crucial for me – I don’t much like the typical camera bag so anything that can double up as that is a bonus for me.

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