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Liquid Gold

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

This silk tied loosely around my back and waist, floating in the late afternoon breeze… fits as the perfect reflection of my mood lately. Fluid. Easy. Golden. Evenings that end at 10 pm on a terrace with a hammock. Full days on the beach, ambling home at 5pm with sand on my skin and a few new freckles. Shrugging food into shopping baskets to eat outside at sunset. The glow that comes to my skin when the weather is warm. And the thrist to always be by the sea.

Summer has always made me euphoric but this season has melted me away. I always expect a lot from life come June through to August and faithfully, the universe has delivered another chapter. And I’m here soaking it all in, but without the usual anxiety that can so quickly shake me. Part of me has been pining for these days right now since they came to end in 2017 and just this morning, I was doing laundry, grateful that most of my dirty clothes were piles of bikinis and towels – it’s seasonal changes like this that feel almost miraculous to me.

And should you ever wonder why I live in Barcelona instead of somewhere more ‘stylish’, the summer is absolutely why. Nothing makes me happier, nothing feels more magic. I live for this season, I’ve been living these days to the fullest. Life feels right, like it should. And one day I’ll look back on this summer and remember this liquid gold silk I wore and all the emotions that flowed right alongside with it.

what i’m wearing: sisters the label satin silk champagne two piece gown & pretty little thing transparent lucite heels

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