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ibiza daze

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I’ve been in a daze, floating through this beautiful summer in every way I can. It’s been a whole month of weekends away, it feels strange to be spending this Saturday at home instead. My suitcase still sits by the front door, full of sand and a sun oil disaster that desperately needs attention and yet I’m distracted. Ibiza is in my heart and usually that’s enough to overwhelm me, but I somehow found space for a man in there too. Suddenly life is beating in a very different way this season and just 4 days on the island with him were enough to completely spin me. So here I am back at my desk 10 days later,  in a daze with nothing but a shell bracelet on my wrist to remind me I didn’t make the entire experience up in my head. I have approx 8 very big days of work ahead and then I’ll be taking a solid repose from work, creating content just for the sake of it, when and how I please. It’s funny,  while I do love to step away from my professional life, it’s so tightly tied to my creative life and that’s a side I can never completely abandon even for a vacation. And I’ll be returning soon to Ibiza, hopefully Capri a little while after that. You know me, I’ve never been one to plan in advance, I prefer having loose summer hopes and watching them flow.

what i’m wearing: arabella london modern bustier bikini in white & mango wide brim floppy hat

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