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fuss free, july heat

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ever since my air conditioner broke, it has felt especially hot. To buy a new one seems pointless as I plan on moving after the winter to a bigger apartment, so the two enormous copper fans I bought have had to suffice this season. I’m not complaining, I’ve gotten used to the omnipresent heat and it’s a reminder to drink even more water. The collection of 1.5 litre bottles rolling around on my desk is a rather ridiculous sight. Saying that, the heat makes fashion rather difficult and so, I’ve been keeping my outfits very basic; in the traditional sense of the word, not the trendy insult. Makeup and any sort of hairstyling  vanish within an hour of leaving the house. In fact the other day, even while getting ready for a dinner and despite an icy cold shower, I had to collapse for 10 minutes directly in front of the fan because I was sweating as much I do at the gym. Winter styling is easy, revolving mostly on the art of layering but looking polished in 80% humidity and sauna-like sunshine? It’s a heroic skill and yet, almost impossible. Most days I pull on the same old denim shorts, hair tangled up in a terrible bun…but that wouldn’t make for an interesting blog post, now would it? And thus, I thought I’d share these 3 dresses I love from Primark, which really require no effort except pulling them on. The heels make them look instantly chic, despite how much you may or may not be sweating.

what i’m wearing: primark blue flared dress, white beach cover up dress,
blue gingham dress, beige heeled sandals, beige dappled tote bag,
brown lace up heeled sandals & camel mini belt bag


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