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my winter staple shoes

Monday, November 27, 2017

Winter shoes are perhaps the only upside of this otherwise dull season. There are far more options and more money to spend without the rigourous pedicure upkeep summer demands. Now, you already know, I don’t favour trends, and while I do love the look of the purple or red thigh-highs this season, they simply wouldn’t work within my very neutral wardrobe. I have no comment on the furry loafers except I cannot believe people are still wearing them. So, as you can imagine, my five essential shoe styles for this season are not at all trendy. They sit more on the timeless side of the shoe spectrum, indeed wearable next year and the year after ;  they will always look good. And isn’t that what trends make us forget? The need for pieces that resist trends themselves. But I sound like an old lady, so without further ado, here are my essential 5 pairs of winter shoes, an edit I was proud to collaborate on alongside Daniel Footwear. I’ve been wearing various pairs of the brand’s shoes all year and I commend them on their incredible comfort, even the heels and  thigh-high boots are blissful to slip on, I’ve never said that about any pair of shoes ever other than sneakers So when I tell you this, I am not exaggerating, their comfort is somewhat magical, making even the dressier styles here, so easy to wear, even for the coffee run, when I might meet a handsome men. Who am I kidding? I never meet handsome men. Anyway, onto the shoes…

shop my 5 featured: the thigh highs, the sneakers,
the leopard print, the ankle boot & the retro heel

1. the thigh high boot
thigh highs are the solution to my faithful hate of tights but also the easiest way
to appropriate my more sombre summer dresses into winter-wear.

2. the white sneaker
an undeniable staple for my two jobs which both demand a lot of agile footwork,
also they look good with everything/anything/all things always

3. the leopard print heel
the queen of timeless prints and one that looks good
matched or clashed with my neutral wardrobe palette

4. the ankle boot
best friend to all my skinny jeans and finally a
pair that doesn’t make my legs look like tree trunks

5. the retro heel
dressy but not too dramatic in heel length, the chameleon of shoes,
blending seamlessly into whatever they are forced into


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