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Paris, Sunday Best

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Oh how infatuated I am with everything retro, Slim Aarons, The Orient Express, the vintage rusty vespas I spot parked on corners, that dusty look marble gets after being used as a surface for decades, peeling paint in old forgotten bars on  side streets, I could go on and on.

In fact the only reason I bought this Zara cardigan was because the model was an older woman, had she been a teenager – I wouldn’t have looked twice at it. Well maybe I would have, there are very few zip up cardigans with a gold zipper, this being one of the few I’ve ever found. But it does look like something a rich grandma would wear for a luncheon does it not? Precisely why I had to have it, and it’s  the closest I’ll come to loungewear in public.

I wear enough jersey/lycra combinations at the gym. Another styling device I rely on when the cold weather comes? The coat layered over the blazer -I love this look. It’s warm, it’s cosy but mostly, it’s elegant and it looks lovely with a stiff, timeless bag swinging from an arm too, like the Alma.

Likely my favourite Louis Vuitton style ever. Because regardless of the chaos (tampons, old receipts, lip balms without their lids) clattering around inside, the style of the bag itself makes me appear organized in a way I never will be. And on that note, I’m off to find an almond croissant and a French waiter who isn’t baffled by my request for soy milk in my cafe creme.

what i’m wearing: dorothy perkins coat, wallis camel blazer, zara cream cardigan, zara tartan shorts, daniel footwear leopard loafers & louis vuitton alma bag via designer exchange

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