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The First Swim Of The Season

Friday, May 10, 2019

It’s officially almost the beginning of summer. The first few days of late spring heat are some of my favourites all year. When, finally all the windows can be flung open, there’s sunshine pouring in and even the air itself is full of anticipation for the season. I begin peeking at bikinis I might like online. Even the music on the speaker feels more alive and ofcourse all the house music comes rolling out again. That’s when Ibiza begins to call like that wild, good-time friend we all have. ‘And do I have a chic towel for the beach?’ is suddenly a crucial concern. I’ll remember how much I’ve missed watermelon, rose wine and the paella at Beso Beach in Formentera. I’ll remember those showers after a day in the sun where I walk out in a towel with that beach sting, I’ll glance in the mirror and marvel at my own glow. The flimsy white dresses, bikinis as bras and all the sand everywhere, all the time. I’m a summer soul for sure and the first swim of the season is always a momentous one. So here’s to you summer, your return and all that it about to begin.

what i’m wearing: la perla mediterraneo swimsuit & audrey leighton vintage skirt


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