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Where Women Hold Dreams

Thursday, May 16, 2019

This floaty-gravity-defying-marvel of a top is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve had it for so long now I cannot even recall where it came from. It is so beautifully buoyant, it floats off the hanger in three-dimensional form, like a cloud or as if an invisible person was tucked up into my wardrobe wearing it.  It really is so wonderful and it really is impossible to not smile when I have it bouncing around off my shoulders.

This top is part of what I call my ‘one day, aspirational’ wardrobe. For the fancier life I’ll lead in the future when sophisticated friends invite me to elegant soirees and I’m not hustling everyday in hopes of amplifying my savings account. I think we as women all own clothes like this, and while most think they are frivolous, pointless, a waste of money…. I think they are valuable. Because they hold joy, within their impracticality lies so much hope, for something magical ahead, for that once in a lifetime party, for the yacht at sunset with the sea wind in your hair. Some clothes aren’t meant to be worn, they are inventory of dreams, hanging tangible in a place we stop by everyday ; our wardrobes. Dreams to slip on from time to time and revisit, even if it’s just at home in front of the mirror with a glass of wine. And this top is definitely one of my dreams and it shall remain floating in my head and on a hanger for a very, very long time.

what i’m wearing: magical top by unknown, house of cb skirt, audrey leighton vintage earrings & tony bianco leopard print mules

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