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The Leighton Wrap Dress

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Early last spring, I envisioned a dress that felt like wearing a hoodie but wasn’t slouchy nor sloppy. I wanted it to be without zipper, without waist,…fluid and easily adjustable, say after a 3 course meal or too much brunch. I knew too I wanted it to have a wrap feature, that would,  in a an effortless way, hug the curves of a woman’s body. The kind of dress that would fit everyone and that could be worn for life.

And so this August, I skipped the vacation I had planned and got to work on designing this dress instead. Each one is handmade by a team of seamstresses using beautiful knit fabrics. I prioritized comfort and quality because I think we are all aware of my strong aversion to fast fashion. We then brought the samples over to Paris, in white and rust ; where I gleefully strutted around shooting them for Audrey Leighton Vintage. Collection 10 then  launched with the Leighton Dress as our hero product, and it sold out. I could not believe it. I called my Mom, I called my Dad, I went out for a pasta dinner to celebrate.  I am so proud of this dress but mostly? I think my journey with this dress has only just begun – I’m aready in the midst of sourcing materials for new colours as well as different styles with the same concept. The Leighton Dress  is a story with many chapters to come,and I really hope we can all have one, perhaps in multiple colours hanging in our closets for as long as we live.

wearing: the leighton wrap dress in rust


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