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urban nautical

Monday, April 24, 2017

You are well aware of my very zealous affinity for boats, it’s a trait I have in common with North Sails. Perhaps you remember my first collaboration with the brand earlier this year, on a very empty winter Barcelona beach. My only accessory was a book. This time around I opted to style a sea-inspired city look; let’s call this nautical urban, shall we? I feel this could be worn around town as easily as it could on deck. I am yet to own a vehicle that floats so my bouquet of flowers will have to suffice. A quality white cotton blouse and a solid pair of comfortable sneakers are an unbeatable duo for me. Always. In fact when I visited the North Sail’s boutique here in Barcelona, it took me less than 10 minutes to choose what I wanted to take home, both looked deliciously easy to wear and how they are!  On a less sartorial note, the male staff in store are incredibly good-looking and charming too, how lovely it was to shop and be complimented simultaneously. That very well could be most women’s definition of heaven and surely reason enough to stop back in. Besides, there is that bikini I wish I had bought… Anyway, navy, white, breezy cotton, starched shorts, flowers and fresh leather sneakers: I managed to tick all my obligatory summer essentials in one ensemble. All that’s missing is the boat. Give me a few years, or 10, okay?

what i’m wearing: north sails mandarin collar
long sleeve blouse
& north sails milwaukee sneakers


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