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Thursday, September 15, 2016
what i’m wearing: oasis khaki satin bomber jacket, oasis
multi-tasking khaki t-shirt & oasis jade classic skinny jeans

You already know, khaki is one of my favourites. When I decided to abandon all bright and primary colours, I found my replacements in earthly shades – I guess we could say I’m making Mother Nature proud. Even my Balenciaga is shiny like gold; a metal I’d love to have in forms more solid than a leather bag. Maybe one day. I’ve been eyeing a Rolex but my bank account just couldn’t take the beating. Until then, my phone has been compensating for my lonely wrist ; it’s in hand at almost every minute and the first thing I glance at when I wake up. That’s really saying something considering I share a bed with a very handsome man and an even cuter dog. I’m not one to condone a smart phone addiction, I wish people would carry books instead of a screen so yes, I’m guilty as charged. But the thing is, I’ve been so busy. Emails are the lifeline of my work, but I can’t be at my desk because I’m out shooting projects incessantly. And so when my 6 plus beeps I do too. Oasis aptly called this tee I’m wearing the ‘multi-tasking’ – which is all I seem to be doing as of late, not one but two, three or four things at once. September is always a busy month, but I like my work and so like my iphone, I’m buzzing.  Or maybe that’s the insane amount of caffeine I’ve been gulping. I’m too ashamed to admit how many cups, too many is all I will confess. But there goes my phone, I better buzz along, because emails mean work and work means money, maybe I’ll curb my caffeine habit so I can save some cash. Rolex cash. If I’m honest though, I’d rather the lattes. Is that wrong?


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