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coming back to a classic

Monday, September 12, 2016
what i’m wearing: oasis napoleonic blazer, oasis scoop white vest & oasis classic jade skinny jeans

Navy with gold buttons ; it’s a breed all of it’s own in the blazer world. Quite nautical, almost French and a style I’ve kept hanging in my closet for a decade now. The first one I ever bought cost 4 pounds at a sad little charity shop on the dirty side of my University town. I remember timidly avoiding eye contact of the fellow customers in there, all of whom looked likely to steal the little money I had, which was next to none. And in a town where Topshop was queen but with a pauper’s budget, this shop was my saving sartorial grace. That same 4 pound blazer was the protagonist of one of the first ever outfits I shared here. If you had told me that 9 years later,  I’d still be posing dramatically in a similar but much sleeker blazer with a red Chanel swinging from my shoulder in Barcelona; I never would have believed you, ever.

Now as a blogger I like to avoid self-congratulating, but sometimes it’s nice to glance back and look how far we’ve come. And I say this as someone that used to food shop with a calculator in hand, precisely adding up everything to make sure it didn’t exceed the 3.89 I had in my bank account. I ate a lot of that Soreen 99p malt loaf back then, it was dense and delicious but most importantly, filling. Hence, my affinity to any navy blazer with gold buttons, I surrendered 4 malt loafs for my first one ever. I wore it every week for a good year; the inside lining torn after I removed the hilariously bulky shoulder pads ; old night club stubs in the pockets I never bothered to empty. I wish I still had that blazer now.  Slipping this new one over my shoulders felt grandly sentimental.  In an industry that is forever insisting on the next thing, it’s nice to stand back and find pieces to faithfully return to. I can’t however say the same for the malt loaves, I overdosed on those and will likely never eat another slice ever again.


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