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the eiffel and i

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Choose your cliches, or so I say. Embracing them all is mundane. You can quote me on that. I’ll happily skip most of them as long as I can keep Paris. I lived in the city for four years, I now return very often and yet, the sight of the Eiffel still stuns me. Most Parisians are rather indifferent to the monument, their nonchalance comparable to the one my boyfriends have always developed, after about a year, towards me. I get it Eiffel, the only people that appreciate you are the outsiders, the strangers. We are kindred souls, unappreciated by those we share a life with but marvelled at by those we do not know. I just wanted you to know Eiffel, that I’ve always loved and cherished you and I always will. Obviously, I am joking. But on a serious note, I do wish I could find a man that would make me feel as special as the men I don’t know do. But perhaps that is how it works, mystery is forever the most attractive trait. But then again, the Eiffel has never been seen red-faced with a cold or in crusty pyjamas, and yet still the citizens she shares a city with don’t fully appreciate her. If there is no hope for the world’s most beautiful monument, what chance is there for messy haired, sometimes sweaty me? Sigh…

what i’m wearing: primark beige blazer, primark
polka dot navy dress & primark nude heels

My work trips to Paris have, over the years, developed a routine of their own. I will always have to pay a surcharge for the enormous suitcase I haul to France stuffed with quickly wrinkling samples, followed by an awkwardly tiny hotel room, which really becomes more of a makeshift wardrobe I also sleep in. My obsessive healthy eating is abandoned as soon as I land, consoling myself with croissants and chevre whenever I have time to eat, which isn’t much time at all but I compensate with excessive calorie cramming. I will always spend a mini fortune on flowers, ubers and coffees, always. Every time I return, I vow for the sake of my bank account to use the metro instead, but I never do. I have never left Paris without a Diptyque candle either. I have a handful of friends and a handful of dinners as an excuse to see them individually every night. Haleigh will always take me somewhere edgy but delicious. Andrea and I will always go to this cafe near her apartment where the waiters know her name. And then there are the places, my places I call them; Palais Royal, Cafe Kitsune, that one really impressive courtyard in the Louvre, Pont Neuf and ofcourse, Bir Hakeim – a bridge I love more than any other. I’ve written entire posts about this place, which is where I am in these photos.


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