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denim & flared sleeves: 3 ways

Saturday, March 11, 2017

what i’m wearing: lasula white frilled sleeve shirt, lasula blue ripped
stepped hem skinny jeans
& lasula floral embroidered trainers

what i’m wearing: lasula orange ribbon tie split sleeve top, lasula blue fringed
hem distressed skinny jeans & lasula black flower embroidered boots

what i’m wearing: lasula white bell sleeve jumper, lasula blue fringed hem
distressed skinny jeans
& lasula gold satin lace up heels

When Lasula, a favourite of mine this year and I started discussing a shoot in Paris, I immediately thought of flared sleeves and jeans, mostly because I adore both but also because the brand have a lot of good ones, and so off I went with many varieties which I then wore here and there around Paris, depending on mood and how much coffee had been gulped that day. There was the unexpected gold open toe heel alongside the very expected preference for white. Fringed denim and embroidered of different kinds were naturally incorporated too, two styles I fell for a while back and will most likely still be loving even after they fall off the trend barometer. This year I’ve embraced more trends than I ever have simply because quite a few fell generously in line with my personal style; you are already aware of how thrilled I was when my Dad’s eneormous aviator clear lenses became an accessory rather than the prop usually mocked by my friends whenever I tried to wear them out of the house. The band tees and fish-nets, however, those are not for me. I wish they were, but I fear I lack that -cool factor- so many of the girls I follow seem to effortlessly possess, besides fish-nets on my muscled legs? It’s more transvestite than grunge, really. But that’s okay when there are the lovely things like finged denim, enormous sleeves and even bigger glasses for me to wear. And so I salute you Lasula for dressing me in trends that are not only affordable, but comfortable, not just physically but style-wise too.


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