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denim, doubled

Friday, February 3, 2017

I do like denim, doubled in an ensemble. But denim jackets look terrible on me, like a mom re-living her youth probably en route to a Billy Idol concert,  not ideal considering all I really want is to be young, not reminiscing on it’s past. So when I saw these boots, a little lightbulb flickered on above my head, finally I could do a double denim look but from the waist-down instead. As I slipped them on,  I silently congratulated myself on my sheer sartorial originality, I am a chump like that. Ironically it actually isn’t most creative of outfits but certainly easy, I will most likely wear this one many times over. Repeat-worthy is what I’ve coined it. Outlandish styling, like the denim jacket is simply not for me. I blame all the hilariously absurd outfits I’ve seen at fashion weeks over the years, collectively leaving a mental scar but also a fierce determination to dress comfortably rather than comically. I will leave ‘originality’ to the Vetements clan, a brand that absolutely fascinates me for no reason other than it’s overpriced hideousness. If you are in need of a laugh today, I urge you to go gawk at their designs. I will always stand up for the power of fashion, and the artform it truly is but brands like that one do make it much harder for me to step up to the soapbox. But I’m ranting, which is a vice of mine, I love to rant. I adore other women that rant too, too often we just blindly accept  the stupid, silly or downright irksome components of life, but I will never be that kind of woman. I roll my eyes more than I blink.

what i’m wearing: lasula oatmeal roll neck sweater, lasula frayed hem skinny jeans, lasula blue denim perspex heel boots & navy chanel bag

My energy levels seem to fluctuate like the tide this week, one moment I am energized and ethusiastic followed by a severe desire to do nothing but slump into a nap. The days feel short but long too but mostly, I am yearning for spring, those first warm days tinged with the promise of summer are when most of my favourite memories collect. They feel like an awakening and one I am so thirsty for. To unwrap and toss my scarves into a pile, all the jackets too ; now worn too many times to be enjoyed anymore. I am craving things like raffia, florals and ordering coffees with ice. I look back on my summer tan with the same nostalgia typically reserved for ex-boyfriends. I also promised myself to skip any tempting vacations this year for an entire month of August in Ibiza instead. Now, I am not wishing away time, it’s already in painfully limited supply, life is quite lovely these days, but winter really must go now. Until then, I’ll be refusing to wear my same old rota of coats, probably catching a cold and dreaming of sand-filled wicker bags on a beach instead of the cafe table coffees I hover above to keep warm and avoid the rain.


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