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the glasses i wear

Friday, August 5, 2016
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featuring the el’se frame by polette


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I first started wearing glasses when I was ten years old. I ran home after school in a tizzy; worried because the blackboard was blurry. My childhood was very much fueled by academia, so this to me was a travesty. Missing out on crucial notes scribbled in chalk was probably my biggest concern as a kid. A few days later my parents took me to the Optician where I chose a very questionable pair of spectacles but I was happy. I’m now 27 and I still prefer wearing glasses to contacts. I love books, I’m a undeniable dork, I have small eyes and to be honest, glasses provide a very much needed division between my forehead and gigantic nose. In short, I like spectacles, which is a word that always makes me inexplicably laugh. I’ve worn an entire spectrum of glasses, some of them terrible, some of them lovely but most of them too expensive. So, imagine my surprise when I bought this pair from Polette on a whim for less than 80 euros, they arrived, I put them on and never took them off. I adore them, so much so I recently ordered another 3 pairs in fear they will discontinue the frame. And seeing as SO many of you ask on snapchat, instagram and everywhere else about these ; I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to the glasses I wear everyday and even sometimes fall asleep on the sofa in. They are amazing, or at least I believe them to be. So if you need a new pair or are in denial about being blind (a lot of my friends are, it’s okay) – glasses can be cute and chic, I promise ; perhaps consider these or any of the other affordable options at Polette. And no, this isn’t sponsored, I just genuinely adore the brand.


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