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there is always a door

Monday, March 21, 2016

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You can always leave, there is a door for every side of life and the corners we close ourselves in are completely imagined. We tell ourselves stories but so many of the tales we weave are fictitious in that their threads don’t bind us in, we narrate boundaries but they are just that, told and imagined and embellished until leaving becomes the ending we can’t imagine. So inside the stories of our life we stay, even when we shouldn’t. That’s not to stay all stories should be abandoned, no not at all, there are threads in my life I will always clutch and hold and keep close. They weave through and there they will always be and stay. I’m sure you have yours too.

But you see, some sentences become paragraphs that grow into chapters that didn’t need more than one line. Simply because we are too comfortable or too lackadaisical or too afraid to say goodbye. I hope you keep the crucial close but you keep your story rolling like a river not a lake, like silk or satin and never leather, loose like the wind; fluid and fickle in all the finest ways. There is always a door darling, as long as you are alive there are handles and doorknobs of all kinds that you can use to enter and leave from just about anything. I hope you use them. I hope you walk in and out of paragraphs, clutching at some as entire chapters, abdicating others to a few words but always knowing that as long as you breathe there is a story inside you.

The narrative must continue, it must advance, it must keep moving. I hope you keep pushing yours along. There is always a door and be it opened or closed, or one foot through, its yours to cross or shut or stand between. There is always a door darling, always… and between them or across them or behind them are words for a story, the story that is only yours. So here’s to the infinite entries and endless exits and interminable in betweens that keep our lives moving like a stream, I hope you use yours, I hope you slam and pull open as many as you can because there is always a door darling, always. I hope you know you have them, I hope you know that all these doors? They are yours.


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