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10 accessories for spring

Monday, March 13, 2017

(1) manebi raffia espadrilles (2) mango straw flower earrings (3) zerouv clear aviator glasses (4) dior mitzah scarf (5) strathberry nano taupe handbag (6)mango
double gold hoop earrings
(7) forever 21 clear tote (8) zerouv cateye
(9) zara picnic basket bag (10) french sole white art deco heels

Over zealous, over enthusiastic, over eager for spring ; yes that would be me. I already bought all the accessories and the gingham and everything wicker. Officially, I am sending fierce, silly salutations for the season. It’s effective but then it isn’t. Yesterday I was sunbathing on my balcony in a bikini and today? I had to wear a coat. A scarf would have been wise idea too but I couldn’t bare it. The weather is more flirtatious than I am at Soho House on the weekends, what is GOING ON I gasp at the skies in the same way men sigh at me. So until the season solidly arrives, here I am at home sharing all the things I bought in preparation. It’s funny I never buy ahead of winter, I compulsory grab at a coat in Zara and another unoriginal marl grey scarf and call it quits. But the warmer, fairer of the seasons evoke such excitement that I splurge excessively. Seriously, my head might implode if I add another wicker or straw bag to an online shopping cart. I found myself stacking up a mighty wishlist of bikinis this weekend too, but quickly calmed myself. I’m spending mini fortunes on flowers to fill my home so it feels like yes, everything is BLOSSOMING AND SPRING IS HERE. Obviously, my impatience is relieved living in Spain, I have no idea how you ladies in England or France are managing. And while I don’t have a cure, I can urge preparation. First call of duty, before shopping is..some time well spent with your razor. I de-wintered my own limbs just the other day and it was much of a relief as removing the scarf. I even did my moustache too, no need for a 5 o’clock shadow now that the days are getting longer, right? I will then suggest some faux tan, I prefer St Tropez (note, sponsored recommendation here, just kidding, I wish)… finally, grab a glass of rose one evening and start planning your springtime aesthetic, a very pretentious way of saying online shopping. An endeavour I rarely urge, but hey, spring sends me loopy. Perhaps use my purchases as a point of reference because you know, my taste is impeccable and I am still hoping for wealth by rewardstyle too…just kidding, kind of, who knows… I’m one upaid collaboration away from manically adding LIKE TO KNOW underneath all my instagram photos. A girl’s gotta eat after all, besides all these must have basket bags are making me broke… I joke, most of what is featured above isn’t even link-able via Reward Style. So, as ever, yours truly and seasonally, poorer…


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