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three, seasonal, wins

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

what i’m wearing: little mistress paper dolls cream crochet bardot dress, little mistress girls on film khaki tie waist maxi dress & little mistress girls on film stripe jumpsuit

I adore these 3 pieces, they all feel very ‘Audrey’ to me, turning your own name into an adjective is probably the ultimate ‘douchebag’ initiation, right?! Well I did it anyway.  Moving on…all 3 pieces are so versatile,  while Paris undeniably makes for a fancy affair, I can’t help but imagine all 3 worn sans shoes on Ibiza sands too. Speaking of locations, if you were wondering, yes I did choose the Diptyque boutique as a backdrop excuse to buy another candle, ofcourse I did. I also have a marble coffee table where I arrange my overpriced wax, sigh despite resisting, I am indeed a solid contributor to the blogger cliche. It seems fitting to collaborate with Little Mistress on the brink of spring, last year I photographed their festival edit, it was a shoot on the soon-to-be overcrowded Barceloneta beach and a day I will never forget for no reason other  than I was felt elated, elevated and alive.  Now I don’t like to play favourites in my closet, my wardrobe is a carefully curated family and to value one member over the other feels unfair but I am so enthusiastic about this trio, each very different but co-ordinated as a set, don’t you think? I have learnt to embrace the maxi dress but under one condition: an obligatory side slit, which I’ve discovered provides a very flattering silhouette, no wonder most actresses opt for the style at the Oscars. It also offered the perfect excuse to showcase my legs from the personally preferred slanted side angle; darkening the shadows on the quadriceps I am so obnoixously proud of. As for stripes, vertical is the winner, as much as I love a good breton, a horizontal line widens me or maybe, more likely, it’s the croissants because I only ever seem to wear the classic french stripe while in France, a place where I also always misplace my diet. But these photos were shot in Paris and I promise there is an entire basket of pastries somewhere inside me, not that you can tell because the vertical lines hide all. To conclude, I also have a theory about lace; the chunky, thicker kind that could almost be crochet is the best kind. Anything else is too wispy and best paired with velvet, which is a winter fabric I have now had enough of. Barefeet and boats, please. No more textures on the fuzzier side, with the exception of the terrycloth of a half-damp towel in the sand. Yes, I have dedicated my writing today almost exclusively to clothes, but I am in the midst of a pre-menstrual meltdown that has evaporated all my usual quips into a burning desire for cake. I caved into craving;  a pyjama  jaunt to the vegan bakery where the clerk told me that sadly their new carrot cake recipe now includes gluten. I sighed, said okay and got it to go anyway. Let’s just say I’m happy to have the vertical stripe and the side slit maxi as weapons of distraction against my very dramatic bloating… obviously made much worse by the addition of that gluten in my cake.


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