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10 Autumn-Winter Infatuations

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these edits, and they are something I’ll certainly be reviving here content-wise. Typically I am very sad to see summer fade, but this year I started anticipating autumn way back in August. I even already picked up some of those deliciously cheap H&M scarves, you know the ones we all buy and then almost always leave behind somewhere, on a cafe chair after coffee, at a bar as we’re whisked off to the next drink… and we don’t even much mind because they’re so cheap.

Now normally I hate scarves, same goes for tights but inexplicably I’m embracing all the layers we drape or squeeze into during the colder months. It’s rather inexplicable, but yes, I’ve gleefully switched out all my Ibiza whites for a darker palette – browns in all their variations, camels, creams, nudes and good old reliable black too. I also have a few style goals this season, which sounds ridiculous but hey, I carefully consider what I wear – I’d like to wear and buy more vintage.

Anytime I feel compelled to shop, I’ve decided I’ll drag myself downtown to the dusty secondhand shops to fulfill my consumerism rather than sitting on my behind and ordering from Zara on the sofa, risking wearing the same leopard print faux-silk blouse as 2/3s of Barcelona. I’d like my wardrobe to even more closely veer backwards, and I’ll continue, perhaps more fiercely to resist trends and anything modern when it comes to my sartorial choices. The older the get, the more fascinated I am by the past and it’s an obsession that very much surfaces in my wardrobe.

I hope to play homage to that inspiration. I’m even thinking of wearing pearls again? 30 going on 60, some would say, but hey, if ortopedic sneakers can make it on the feet of so many beautiful women, I think I can swing a rope or three of pearls? Right? I always loved how Carrie Bradshaw wore them, chaotic, excessive ropes of them layered down her torso. SO fabulous. And on that note, I’ll leave you to look through my current autumn-winter loves which will perhaps inspire you to curate your own list. It’s important to know what you love because while what we wear certainly doesn’t define us, it does express part of us, wouldn’t you say?

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