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the sleeveless trench

Monday, September 4, 2017

A few days ago I was at the airport waiting to board back to Barcelona, every female passenger in line ahead of me was wearing at least one recognizable piece from Zara, many of which, to my dismay, I owned too. ‘That’s it’ I said to my friend, I’m not buying from Inditex at all this season’. She raised her eyebrows in that expressive way that silently says ‘yeah right’. And while I do intend to live this vow through, I had to make an exception (just one, just this once, I promise) for this sleeveless trench. I love it. I had to have it. Mostly because you can wear it with absolutely everything. I am not exagerrating, atop floaty summer dresses or the thickest of knits. Sneakers, heels, boots. It’s the cameleon of the jacket family, blending effortlessly into it’s surroundings, every.single.time. It’s a soliId way to spend 50 euros and no Zara obviously didn’t sponsor this, they don’t endorse bloggers because everyone in the world already wears their clothes. Sigh. On another note, my determination to dodge Zara-mania this season has brought me to some very unexpected places, including the depths of Japanese e-commerce, which I totally intend on buying from and sharing with you. Until then, I really think you ought to get yourself a trench sans sleeves. It is really is just the chicest thing.

what i’m wearing: zara sleeveless trench, lovers & friends kiwi dress via revolve,
lasula camel fedora, black mini chanel bag & marypaz two toned heels


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