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a christmas dress

Tuesday, December 6, 2016



what i’m wearing: wallis teal crushed velvet wrap dress, wallis navy waterfall coat, wallis navy suede point heels & wallis gold plated hoops


a dress for christmas shopping & christmas early evening drinks

Well, the festive season is finally and officially here. My enthusiasm for Christmas this year surpasses the usual, I am so excited. Thrilled to soon be reunited with family and friends after a year of long, hard work. But the anticipation also feels quite magical, there are parties, the red cups from Starbucks filled with cinnamon sugared coffee, presents to purchase and all sort of mid-week excuses for dressing up or sipping wine. I decided to photograph just those pursuits, shopping, christmas coffee and wine, which feel required rather than indulgent during this season. It is undeniably the most hedonistic time of year and I fully intend on taking advantage of the liberties we all gleefully allow ourselves in December. This also means dramatically adjusting my wardrobe from sneakers and vaguely-perhaps-not-clean tee to dresses and heels. The sorts of clothes that look pretty next to red or green but don’t scream Santa – I am not one to wear a Christmas sweater a la Bridget Jones. Quite like every other aspect of my life, I seek subtle sophistication, which I might not always achieve but I like to think that all the effort will get me there one day. This dress is certainly helping that pursuit, velvet is in my opinion, the most festive texture but what I especially adore about this one is the colour: a darling, dappled teal – quite unexpected but celebratory in true Christmas spirit. I did what I always do and combined it with similar shades but darker, in navy; the most comfortable pumps and the softest coat that honestly feels more like a duvet. And while there are many party outfits to come, I can confirm this one as my best but also decidedly the one I will wear on Christmas day. But that could be subject to change, I am undeniably fickle but better to blame the dress, you see it holds the spot of firm favourite from the Wallis partywear collection, but now that I have this one, there are a few (a dozen) more I’d like to slip on for the festivities to come. What can I say, my thoughts mirror my desires, they wander into infinity.


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