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le temps des cerises: a trio edit

Monday, March 20, 2017

Well, in an sustained effort to share more of the comfortable, most frequented side of my wardrobe, it seemed appropriate on Monday to share this trio of looks from a french favourite of mine, Le Temps Des Cerises. All shot in Palais Royal with a proximity to Cafe Kitsune I wish I could claim as coincidental. In fact nothing about my relationship with caffeine is spontaneous, it is a regulated, abused dose, faithfully providing the energy I naturally lack for working. While I am indeed a high energy person, it comes in such short spurts, that truthfully, if left to live without financial concern, I’d probably nap at least 4 times, daily. But that’s not really what this post is about, however I can advocate for all three of these ensembles as absolutely nap-appropriate, they are of unbelievable comfort level, I’m talking jeans that feel like sweatpants but you know, aren’t. I also salute Le Temp des Cerises for their bohemian tendencies, floaty, paisley or off-white, they all feel very Ibiza to me, but then again, I’m island-obsessed so perhaps that’s simply me viewing everything I wear through a Balearic-tinted perspective. But truthfully, you could swap out the denim in all of these outfits for some bikini bottoms and they’d look just as lovely. Right? Not appropriate for the chic, not beach Paris environment but I am confident that these pieces will see the second, third and fourth re-wear they deserve but styled slightly different for summer… until then, the soft as clouds denim will see me through just fine.

what i’m wearing: le temps des cerises williams jacket, marla jacket, hydra cardigan,
ole off-shoulder top, white cobra top, charma paisley top,
pulp skinny jeans & neil boyfriend jeans


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